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Effective, Logical & Practical.
'Wing Tyun Kung-Fu.'

Why train in Wing Tyun Kung-Fu?

Wing Tyun Kung-Fu is a traditional Chinese Martial Art, and is regarded by many experts to be the most practical and effective Self Defence for the modern street confrontation.

The simple but yet logical techniques in the Wing Tyun system, are the reason why it is the most popular of all the Kung-Fu styles.

Wing Tyun uses the power of the aggressor, and redirects this force back at the assailant using reflex action, not pitting on one's own strength against the power of the opponent. It does not rely on strength or agility, and as such, is suitable for Women and Men of all ages and build.

The Wing Tyun practitioner will learn self-confidence, awareness of ones own body, and will lead the way towards a more relaxed and healthier life.

Wing Tyun offers all students the chance to learn how to effectively defend themselves in a confrontation, regardless of their size or strength.
Wing Tyun Sparring Drills
Wing Tyun Sparring Drills

Why train with us?

We understand that everyone is an individual, and our friendly and relaxed way of teaching allows you to develop both as a person, and as a member of a Wing Tyun Kung-Fu family.

Attention is always placed on safety. The goal is for self-improvement and to assist one's partner in perfecting their techniques, not to compete with them.

Each Wing Tyun Kung-Fu program will be taught in full, with gradings held throughout the year allowing students to progress to the next level.

These gradings will be verified by Wing Tyun Masters from all over the world, so that no matter where you go to train, you know that the grades you have attained while training in Wing Tyun Kung-Fu are real.

As well as becoming proficient using empty hand techniques, each student will have the opportunity to attend ‘Weapons Awareness’ seminars, and also classes in Escrima, to learn stick fighting and weapons defence.

Call us now on 07720 892332 to discuss how you can start your Wing Tyun Kung-Fu training, or you can book your Free Trial Lesson, or send us an Online Enquiry.
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