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Wing Tyun.  It’s not spectacular, it’s simple and subtle. It’s not a sport… it’s for quick and dirty self defence. Does it look good? We don’t do it to show off or impress our mates.  Does it feel good.  Yes.  Does it work?  It really does.

The atmosphere at the club is one of friendly, relaxed teaching and learning. No pressure to do gradings, and plenty of opportunity to work with the advanced members to help steer you through. Questions and queries are encouraged. Also, for whatever reason, WT doesn’t seem to attract any obsessive kung-fu lunatics so you’re not having to compete or deal with testosterone laden egos!

I’m now 47 years of age and WT brings a level of calm and confidence when confronted by stress or difficult situations – be it on the street, in the pub, or across the meeting table in business.  It doesn't mean leaping into fight mode, but it does mean you don't worry too much about confrontation - you can look it in the eye rather than look away or compromising your position.

If you have any interest in self defence or simply just fancy something more interesting than jogging, give Wing Tyun a try.

Greg Finney - Stafford Wing Tyun Kung-Fu Club Member.

'A fantastic warm and friendly club – a great place to learn a fascinating and practical style of Kung Fu, which is taught in a relaxed and friendly manner. Since joining my fitness and flexibility has improved greatly, which as I have arthritis this has been a great benefit to me'.

Rob Williams - Stafford Wing Tyun Kung-Fu Club Member.

I took up Wing Tyun Kung-Fu seven years ago at the age of 48, I am now 55 years old and have never felt fitter. In my younger years I tried several different styles of Martial Arts, but none seemed quite right until I tried Wing Tyun.

I have used my new skills on many occasions during my time as a Doorman and Security Officer with total success.

I am currently training for my Technician level this year and hope to carry on my training for many years to come.

I would recommend this style of Martial Arts to anyone who wants to learn an art that gives you discipline and peace of mind knowing that it works, and builds the confidence to use it if you need to.

Paul Aitken - Stafford Wing Tyun Kung-Fu Club Member

'When I first joined 2 years ago, I got hooked by the friendly atmosphere and the laughs. I also noticed I was progressing from week to week and that made me want to learn and practice more. Now I am fitter, more confident that I could handle myself in a tricky situation - and I'm still enjoying the laughs!'

Julia Madders - Stafford Wing Tyun Kung-Fu Club Member

I first took up Martial Arts at University, but picked up a knee injury (not related to training) and couldn't continue anymore. Some time later I decided to try again, and chose Wing Tyun Kung-Fu since I knew it would be much less traumatic for my knee than certain other styles that had a greater emphasis on wrestling or kicking.

This turned out to be a really good decision. I was able to see from early on the types of activity that the more senior grades were doing, and whilst I didn't understand it, it could see that I'd be capable of it with practice. Moreover the skills I had previously developed were entirely transferable. Since training in Wing Tyun I have had the opportunity to develop skills unique to the style (such as Chi-Sau) and the types of techniques common to most other styles, such as weapon work, locks, throws and takedowns, groundwork etc.

Thankfully I've never had to employ any Wing Tyun in my day-to-day life, but knowing that I have this concealed ability really improves confidence and, whilst no-one is invulnerable, it's good to know that I have an edge that you wouldn't expect by looking at me. I personally don’t train for health reasons, but I’m aware the option is there. It was certainly a factor in my decision to quit smoking – it was the easiest way to dramatically increase my aerobic capacity, which makes progression to higher grades much easier. Training is friendly and informal, without the rigorous formality of other styles, and personally I like that the style isn't hung up on belts, grading and hierarchy. Having studied many different martial arts, I'd recommend the style to anyone but would always tell people that all martial arts and instructors are different. I tried out Karate and Tae Kwon Do amongst other styles, and they didn't suit me. That's no criticism of those styles or instructors – I've found Wing Tyun now and it fits like a glove!

Liam Cairns - Stafford Wing Tyun Kung-Fu Club Member.
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