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Kung-Fu for life.
'A holisitic approach.'

Kung-Fu & Stress

Although violent crime would appear to be on the increase, the likelihood of having to use your Martial Arts skill to counter an attacker in the street ( a highly stressful event ) is relatively small, though the self confidence that these skills will afford you can benefit you daily.

It is however a certainty that you will encounter stress in your life in some or even many forms on a day to day basis. The relationship between stress and health is well known, stress can have serious effects on the body and can trigger or make way for illness.

The practice of Kung-Fu can prepare your mind and body to deal with every day stress as much as a violent encounter.
Yin Yang
The Taoist symbol for representing the balancing of opposite but complimentary forces.

Kung-Fu & Meditation

A Kung-Fu 'form' or 'set' is at its root a combination of techniques, but the performance of the set can be described as 'moving meditation'.

To correctly perform Kung-Fu, Mind Body and Spirit must be in harmony. In performing the Kung-Fu sets, Movement, Concentration and Breathing must act in unison.

For each of these components opposites must be balanced; In movement relaxation must be balanced with energy, in concentrating calmness must be balanced with alertness, and in breathing inhalation must be balanced with exhalation.

The practice of forms educates the body and commits the patterns to 'muscle memory'. Practicing the forms while concentrating and breathing correctly allows one to be 'centred', that is balanced both internally and in relationship to our environment.

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