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A complete system.
'Forms, Drills, Chi-Sau, Sparring & Weapons.'
What will I learn?
Two forms are taught at the student level ( Grades 1 to 12 ) Sui-Nim-Tau and Chum-Kiu, which consist of the basic movements and reactions used in the system.

The application of these movements are practised with a partner, using exercises and pre-arranged fighting drills, to begin to instil the reflex actions, and to learn attacking principles.

This leads on to Chi-Sau or 'sticky hands' as it is sometimes known, the next step towards liberating the mind and body to cope with a free fighting situation ( Lat-Sau ).

These traditional methods are complimented with specific self defence techniques, that quickly provide the student with an effective means against a street encounter.

Defence is learnt against all possible phases of a fight; kicks, punches, knees and elbows, holding or throwing and anti-ground fighting.

There will also be seminars conducted by Sifu Mik Lane and Wing Tyun Masters from abroad. These will usually be 'themed' seminars to teach you about a specific part of Wing Tyun, which will help you to improve your fighting techniques and your use of Wing Tyun.
Chi-sau Drills
Chi Sau Drills

Advanced Training

The Wing Tyun student also trains against multiple attackers, attackers and learns control and restraint methods.

At this stage the Muk-Yan-Chong or 'Wooden Dummy' form is taught. This training aid is used to practice and perfect distancing, angles, and footwork around an opponent using correct body structure; uniting the upper and lower body to generate force. It is also used to practice flowing from one position or technique to another whilst sticking to the opponent. The 116 moves in this form also contain elements of applications from the first 3 forms.

Second Technician level students will learn Biu-Tze; the 3rd and most advanced Wing Tyun form. This set is a combination of brutal attacks, such as elbow strikes and finger strikes, and contains emergency measures for the fighter that finds themselves in a disadvantageous position during a fight. It also helps to develop flexible power' taking your Wing Tyun training to a new level.
Weapons Defence Drills
Weapons Defence Drills
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