Kung-Fu principles of fighting and use of power

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Power, structure & positioning.
'A system based on concepts'

Wing Tyun Kung-Fu Concepts

Wing Tyun Kung-Fu is a fighting system based on concepts that apply to the use of power, fighting principles, body structure and positioning.

As such it is unnecessary to remember complex techniques, only to apply these concepts to the given situation. The Wing Tyun drills, Lat-Sao programmes and Chi-Sao practice enable the student to learn and experience the application of these concepts.

Fighting Principles:

  • If the way is clear go forward!
  • If there is contact stay with what comes!
  • Yield to a greater force!
  • Follow through. If the opponent retreats, close the gap!

Power Principles:

  • Be free from your own force!
  • Free yourself from the force of your opponent!
  • Use the force of your opponent!
  • Add your own force to the force of your opponent!
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