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Wing Tyun & the WTKO.
'Ip Man lineage Kung-Fu'

The origin of Wing Tyun

The Wing Tyun Kung-Fu system is a development of the traditional system of Kung-Fu typically spelled in English as 'Wing Chun'.

The Wing Chun fighting system was created around 250 years ago, by a Buddhist nun named Ng Mui. The Shaolin monastery, of which she was an elder, was destroyed by traitors whilst under siege, hence her new style was developed specifically to overcome the Shaolin Kung-Fu methods.

Her art was named after her first student, a young woman, Yim Wing Chun, whose name meant 'beautiful springtime.'

This art was then passed down through the generations in secret, until the 1940’s when the late Grand Master Ip Man started to develop and teach the system in Hong Kong, making Wing Chun accessible to the public.

Many people learnt the art from Grand Master Ip Man, most famously Bruce Lee who trained privately with both Ip Man and Instructor Wong Shun Leung.

Due to the system’s simple but very effective techniques, Wing Chun has continued to grow taking many branches, and now can be seen advertised under many different English spellings and lineage's.

Our Lineage

Many people learnt the art from Grand Master Yip Man, most famously Bruce Lee.

One of the last students of Yip Man was Great Grandmaster Leung Ting who founded the International Wing Tsun Association.

Sifu Mik Lane learnt the Wing Tsun system in Germany under the EWTO and pioneered the teaching in the UK of the Leung Ting 'Wing Tsun' system, but left the organisation in 2002 to form the Wing Tyun Kung-Fu Organisation (WTKO).

Sifu Mik continues his training and development of the Kung-Fu system, and now runs a Wing Tyun School in Featherstone.

In 1997 Mike Gorton joined a class in Stafford and was one of the first students of Sifu Mik Lane. Mike took over the running of the Stafford club in 2000, and in 2005 began teaching Kung Fu professionally.

Mike is now the Staffordshire Instructor for the WTKO teaching Wing Tyun Kung Fu; a development of the traditional Wing Chun system.

Mike Gorton is an authorised WTKO Academy Instructor, and was acknowledged as a Sifu of Wing Tyun in 2009.
Sifu Mik Lane and Sifu Mike Gorton
Sifu Mik Lane & Sifu Mike Gorton
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