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Wing Tyun Kung-Fu in Stafford & Stoke-on-Trent

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Our Martial Arts System

Wing Tyun Kung-Fu is a development of the traditional Chinese Martial Art 'Wing Chun', and is regarded by many experts to be the most practical and effective Self Defence for the modern street confrontation.

It is a fighting system based on concepts that apply to the use of power, fighting principles, body structure and positioning. As such it is unnecessary to remember complex techniques, only to apply these concepts to the given situation. The Wing Tyun drills, Lat-Sao programmes and Chi-Sao practice enable the student to learn and experience the application of these concepts.

Wing Tyun uses the power of the aggressor, and redirects this force back at the assailant using reflex action, not pitting on one's own strength against the power of the opponent. It does not rely on strength or agility, and as such, is suitable for Women and Men of all ages and build.

The Wing Tyun practitioner will learn self-confidence, awareness of ones own body, and will lead the way towards a more relaxed and healthier life.

Wing Tyun offers all students the chance to learn how to effectively defend themselves in a confrontation, regardless of size or strength.    Learn more…

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